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Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar MD, DM

Dr. S Venkatesh Rajkumar has an impressive career spanning over 20 years in the field of medicine and Nephrology. He is one of the Top Nephrologists in Chennai having trained from some of the premier Nephrology Institutes in India and abroad. He is the first Trained Interventional Nephrologist in  Tamil Nadu and one of the Pioneers in this field in the country. His area of expertise and interests includes general Nephrology, Renal Transplantation and Interventional Nephrology.

Presently he is working as a consultant Nephrologist at Apollo hospitals, Chennai since the last 10 years.

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Prevention of kidney diseases

Early diagnosis of kidney diseases

Diabetes related kidney disease

Diagnosis and treatment of hypertension

urinary infections

Dr.Venkatesh Rajkumar For

Kidney stones

Acute and chronic kidney disease

Hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis

management of dialysis fistula problems

Kidney transplantation


Happy Patients & Feedbacks

Deebak Thangaraj
Deebak Thangaraj
நன்றி டாக்டர். 🙂
Chanchal Sk
Chanchal Sk
We are from.Bangladesh.. He treated my brother for kidney problem. He is very kind and a very good doctor. God bless YOU sir
sam ramani
sam ramani
Awesome person for the depressed patients
Ram Rohinth G
Ram Rohinth G
Helpful and kind doctor. We did kidney transplant for my brother. He is well. Thank you
VParanthaman VParanthaman
VParanthaman VParanthaman
He is very kind and helpful.good doctor
Raman Raj
Raman Raj
Thank you doctor for treatment (care) my sister , also helps in everything and support the kidney transplant do it very well my sister was healthy and perfectly fine I satisfied with his treatment
Shamim islam
Shamim islam
Dr. venkatesh rajkumar is not only a good doctor but also a good person. His treatment of the patient helps to promote health and morale. Through his friendly behavior, patients get hope of living in the corner of their hearts despite suffering from serious diseases. A good doctor like him can be trusted with closed eyes. His friendly demeanor impressed me and my family. May such a doctor live for a thousand years. my opinion he is a best nephrologist in apollo hospitals. Prayers and love always for him.
Paulami Deb
Paulami Deb
Kindest and nicest doctor. Hum assam se hein..bahuth help kiye humko- .thank you..
Sangeetha SivaKumar
Sangeetha SivaKumar
He is a humble gem of person and a good and kind human being - the best qualities required for a doctor. My husband had a renal chronic kidney failure, he received in time treatment and is now recovering with his help. I am really thankful to dr for his friendly and approachable attitude. Wish him and his team members long and healthy life so they could save more life.
Ariful islam Zabed
Ariful islam Zabed
I m ariful Islam zabed from bangladesh Pateint of Venkatesh rajkumar sir. He is good doctor,,he is a good mind of man,, I m successful of her treatment,,, Venkatesh rajkumar sir verry intelligent doctor,,,i m wishes for him always... 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Dr. Venkatesh Rajkumar is very knowledgeable and skilled in his field. And I always feel confident in the care he provides. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of a nephrologist.”
"Dr Rajkumar is the best Nephrologist I have ever seen. He is very patient, kind and always explains things in an easy to understand way. I recommend him to anyone who needs a Nephrologist."
"Dr. Rajkumar has been my Nephrologist for many years and I am very grateful for his care. He has a great bedside manner and is always ready to answer any questions I have."
"I was nervous about seeing a Nephrologist for the first time, but Dr. Rajkumar put me at ease with his care. He is an expert in his field and I trust his advice completely."
"I was referred to Dr. Rajkumar for kidney disease and I am very happy with it. He is knowledgeable, thorough and has been a great support throughout my treatment."
Roger Antruz
"Dr. Rajkumar is an amazing Nephrologist. He is always ready to see me and never rushes me during our appointments. I have full confidence in his abilities."
Prabha Sundar
"Dr. Rajkumar has been instrumental in managing my kidney condition. He is a skilled doctor who truly cares about his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a Nephrologist."
"Dr. Rajkumar has excellent bedside manner and is always willing to go above and beyond to help a patient. He is an excellent Nephrologist and I feel lucky to have him as my doctor."


Among the various activities of him, the following can be highlighted

It is recommended that patients over 40 years old make an annual medical appointment with a nephrologist and have blood creatinine dosage tests and urine tests.

For patients with diabetes, high blood pressure, family history of kidney problems, kidney stones, history of nephritis or urinary infection, consultation and follow-up of treatment with a nephrologist is recommended.

It is essential to know the risk factors of Kidney Disease. Avoiding or treating these factors is the only form of prevention.

The main risk factors are high blood pressure, diabetes and family diseases, but obesity, smoking, use of drugs that are toxic to the kidneys and other factors can also compromise kidney function.


Preventive Nephrology is a science that helps prevent or reverse kidney problems caused by common lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and obesity which account for the majority of kidney problems worldwide


General Nephrology deals with the management of common kidney problems such as kidney stones, urinary infections, high blood pressure, presence of proteins or blood in the urine etc


Early and proper treatment can result in complete cure of acute kidney failure and help patients come out of dialysis.


Untreated chronic renal failure leads to dialysis and kidney transplantation. Early detection and proper treatment can result in slowing chronic renal failure and can delay or avoid the need for dialysis or transplantation.


In this commonly done treatment for advanced renal failure,Blood is taken out, purified, and given back to the patient .With the advent of new technologies, patient can lead a healthy life on dialysis for decades together.


A boon for patients who can’t or who don’t want to do hemodialysis, this modality uses a silicone tube placed inside the abdomen for dialysis at home.


For Patients who want hemodialysis at home, a dialysis machine is set up at home and a technician goes and does dialysis at the patient’s convenience, reducing the risk of hospital-acquired infections.


Kidney transplantation is the most effective treatment for chronic renal failure enabling patients lead a normal life as before without the need for dialysis. With the advent of new medicines both living and cadaver (braindead) transplantations can be done with high success rates.


Interventional Nephrology deals with vascular access problems in hemodialysis patients, ensuring unhindered good dialysis through the diagnosis and treatment of dialysis fistula and catheter-related issues.

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